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One of the largest crowd-sourced, manufacturer-independent databases of infrared remote control codes on the web, and aspiring to become the most comprehensive and most accurate one

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Convert IR codes

Found an IR code on some forum in the web, but in a format you cannot understand? Use our online converter to generate community-standard representations of infrared remote signals, such as raw timings, Pronto Hex, or OBCs.

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Send IR codes

Now that you have some IR codes, send them to your consumer electronics devices using inexpensive devices such as an Arduino and an infrared LED. Best of all, it's all Open Hardware and Open Source, so you can incorporate IR sending in your own projects.

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Capture IR codes

Sometimes, even the most comprehensive databases don't contain codes for new gadgets yet. In this case, build your own IR receiver and capture the codes yourself. We would be happy if you would submit the information for inclusion in irdb.

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